Our Corporate Client Services

A wide array of services are provided to small business owners, pension plans, non-profit organizations, and corporations. Offering a comprehensive employee benefits package on a cost effective basis is crucial in recruiting and retaining qualified employees, without being a financial burden to the organization.

Pension Plan Reviews and Evaluations- To maximize the effectiveness of an existing retirement program, each aspect of the plan must meet expectations and contribute to the smooth operation of the plan. A comprehensive plan review includes the thorough evaluation of the following aspects: investment selection and monitoring, fund performance and flexibility, plan fees and expenses, ease of administration, erisa compliance, minimizing fiduciary liability, and employee education.

New Plan Design and Installation- We work closely with business owners and corporate executives in designing pension plans that are customized to meet their needs. Plans include Profit Sharing, "Safe Harbor", New Compatibility and Standard 401(k)s, Defined Benefit Plans, Esops, Sep and Simple Plans.

Employee Benefit Programs- New plans can be designed and existing programs are evaluated for their adequacy and cost effectiveness in the area of health, dental, life and disability insurance.